The company Hîncu was established on 30 September 1996 as a small family business. Nevertheless, thanks to its affordable and high quality products that answer to consumers needs, Hîncu shoes with small but sure steps became well-known, achieving more and more popularity.

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The story of our company begins in a small workshop where only three employees worked. Presently, the number of specialists employed in the production of footwear increased 10 times. Furthermore, during this time the factory has been upgraded and expanded, but we are proud of the fact that although a part of our items are mass produced the greatest part of the process of making shoes is done manually. Hîncu has always kept up with the times, has been developing and has tried to correspond to the needs and expectations of the customer, creating only comfortable, elegant and high quality shoes and, thus, becoming a brand.


For 18 years the company has been producing and annually launches two footwear collections for men, women and children – “Spring – Summer” and “Fall – Winter”. In the first years of the brand’s existence only 5-6 models were being launched each season, but each collection was composed of at least 30-40 models. The collection is frequently updated depending on fashion trends.


Over time the company Hîncu has developed its own style. Concentrating on the newest trends, Hîncu creates a classic and durable style that is in now way boring. Still, generally the brand also produces models with a more avant-gardist design in addition to the basic collection that is intended for the category of younger customers.


Starting with 2013 the brand Hîncu became a member of the campaign “Din inimă. Brands of Moldova” and APIUS (Employers Association for Light Industry).

By 2014 there 4 shops have been opened in different districts of Chisinau municipality – Botanica, Centru, Râșcani și Sculeni.

All customers will find in our shops the shoes that suit them the best, no matter if they are looking for classic shoes or if they want to try on something new! The footwear produced by Hîncu presents a well-thought range of high quality and affordable shoes.



Which are the Hîncu’s qualities?

Quality and Originality

The brand Hîncu was and will always pay attention to the consumers’ needs. At the same time, over the years after its establishment the values of the company remained unchanged: 1. Affordable prices; 2. Premium quality; 3. Good range of products. These are the qualities our company carefully preserves and strives to bring to perfection.

Professionalism and originality

Hîncu collections are created by a team of talented designers and specialists. Beginning with the first sketch they develop in a very detailed manner the design and the color of each model in order to highlight its unique style. Moreover they continuously experiment with materials and colors, accessories and pattern details so that Hîncu footwear would stand out through its unique originality in the future too.

Style and innovation

The wish to realize new, interesting ideas and to experiment allows the brand to maintain its trendiness. In order to accomplish this result the design team does a meticulous work: before launching a new collection it analyses the preferences of consumers, fashion trends, it tests the models and only after all of these steps the shoes appears on the shelves of shops.

Safety and comfort

Hîncu footwear is continuously subjected to tests that have the purpose of determining its viability. And only those models that are approved by specialists are launched for production. The process of production within the factory is closely monitored– the quality of raw materials as well as of the final product are carefully examined.

Uniqueness and subtleties of production

The production area of the factory is equipped with modern machines. However, the biggest part of the process of producing footwear is done manually which implies meticulous work and paying attention to details. During the process of production only the best natural materials are used: smooth leather, suede leather, nubuck leather etc. All the materials are delivered from Italy, Turkey and Ukraine.

Beauty and perfection

Seasonal collections provide a wide range of shoes for any occasion – important meetings and events, sports and traveling shoes. The company Hîncu treats real needs very attentively, therefore it offers simple and perfect footwear – elegant and high quality designed for women, men and children.


Today and always in every Hîncu shop you have a wide range of footwear for women, men and children of different colors to satisfy all preferences.


Încălțăminte de calitate realizată manual de la compania Hîncu

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