The brand Hîncu  participated (and won!) at the end of autumn in the new project organized by the website which is a series of Fashion battles between the members of the association of domestic brands  “Din Inimă. Brands of Moldova”.

In order to answer the question „Is there any elegant and high quality men footwear in the Republic of Moldova to be found?” the representatives of visited the shops of domestic companies Hîncu and Tiras. There they found footwear worthy from all points of view – their models were elegant, practical and at an affordable price. In order to decide which is the most important and successful model suggested the visitors of the website to vote for one of the favorite models and to choose the winner in this battle of shoes.

The model of the brand Hîncu that participated in the Fashion battle represents a pair of comfortable shoes of dark blue color with contrasting sole. They are suitable for men who have chosen an active lifestyle and who prefer a combination of style and comfort. The model is available in two classic colors – blue and black, and the contrasting sole looks perfect in any style. It becomes an essential component of your outfit, attracts other people’s attention to you and makes daily life more colorful. The price of the model – 870 lei.